No idea how to get your startup running? Bring Briegel on board and we will create speed, build your crew and grow your business.

How do we create value?

“We are getting things done”

By literally onboarding and strengthening your team with experience, network, expertise and entrepreneurship.

For whom and when?

Business Development

We create product market fit by identifying and targeting sales leads and partners


We develop a marketing strategy and translate it towards clear on- & offline communication


From strategy and businessplan to pitch deck. We help you to build investor readiness and search for funding.


We develop a sales strategy which is crucial for getting things moving.

Project Management

Looking for more structure and leadership, our project managers will guide implementation with focus on deadlines and impact.


Our team provides C-level positions as long as you will need.

When do we get on board?

“In each stage we can be of value for you”

Every disruptive company starts with an idea. In this early stage you develop your product/technology/solution. The entrepreneurial journey starts here.

Your solution need to be validated before you can move on. Briegel can help with the validation of the potential before moving on board in the startup phase.

Let's validate your invention

After you have built your problem solution fit Briegel will climb on board to help develop your startup. A lot of things need be organized and developed on the way towards growth. We will execute value creation towards;

  • Developing your technology into a product.
  • Finding a product-market fit.
  • Temporarily fulfilling roles like business development, marketing, sales and project management in your start-up or corporate venture.
  • Search for funding.
  • And much more….
Curious what we can do for you. Let's plan a meeting

After creating product-market fit and growth it is time to scale your company. In the scale-up phase Briegel’s involvement in daily operations will downsize.

We will build a great team of people who stay permanently on board. So Briegel positions in your startup will be replaced/complemented with new hires. After your startup is ready to sail in open waters we will stand aside and support you through consulting and advising.

Let’s analyze your invention and get things done together

Startup & Corporate cases

Learn about our work and results from previous clients

SciSports is a leading provider of data intelligence for professional football organisations.

SciSports is one of the fastest growing sports analytics companies in the world and a leading provider of data intelligence for professional football organisations. Our team consists of specialists in artificial intelligence, computer vision and data analytics.


20face is a spin-off from the University of Twente and is a fast-growing scale-up that offers biometric recognition in a privacy-proof system. Biometric recognition is a key enabling technology that is certainly becoming mainstream.

20face has built an ecosystem of self enrollment, consent and personal data release management (PDRM) around the core technology of biometric recognition.