Interactive cycling tour guide

LAP is the ultimate interactive route guide for cycling enthusiasts. With the LAP guide, you will have the interactive route guide in your pocket. The app has the best spots, cafés, bicycle shops, routes, historic places and hotels.

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La Permanence

La Permanence (LAP) is an interactive route guide for cycling enthusiasts and tourists. With LAP, you can discover the best cyclespots and inspiring routes in the most beautiful cycle regions of Europe. Find the best spots such as monuments, nice cafés or outstanding restaurants. Everything in 1 app!

Role Briegel


The main question for LaP is how do we grow in sales. So de main goal for Briegel’s marketing/sales team is to build a sales funnel, generate leads and sales.


The market has been segmented and we build a marketing/sales strategy. On the other hand Briegel generated funding via specific projects coming from the government related to making regions more attractive for tourism.


This project is still in the execution phase so we are not able to share results yet.

Why did you choose Briegel?

It's a big challenge of finding the right people and enough manpower to launch your product in the beginning. Briegel support us with great advice and give us the opportunity to get more manpower for the go-to-market phase without big costs and risks. This support is great to become a sustainable company.

Martijn ValksFounder La Permanence