Privacy Proof Biometrics

At 20Face is keenly interested in deploying their facial recognition technology to build innovative solutions and solve real-world problems.

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20face is a spin-off from the University of Twente and is a fast-growing scale-up that offers biometric recognition in a privacy-proof system. Biometric recognition is a key enabling technology that is certainly becoming mainstream. 20face has built an ecosystem of self enrollment, consent and personal data release management (PDRM) around the core technology of biometric recognition. 20face has added privacy by design to biometric recognition to remove a number of important dissatisfiers: user acceptance, business acceptance and privacy infringements.

Role Briegel


Since the technology was not directly applicable in a product, the first task was to create problem solution fit. After that setting up marketing communication, setting up POC’s, gaining traction and funding for growth where the main goals for the 20face startup.


Briegel’s involvement did range from project management, business development/sales to marketing and strategy. On the other building the businessplan and pitching for funding and media attention helped with the acceptance of the product in this early stage.


Briegel grew the team from 3 to 14 people. We have created product market fit and developed some great strategic partnerships.

Why did you choose Briegel?

Briegel is a great choice for a startup, particularly scientific startups.
Because as a scientist or engineer, then you focus on building a great product while Briegel with its instant complete team helps in business development, marketing and sales.

Tauseef AliFounder 20face